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  • Flight following. Click the button above to access this page. This allows you to set an alert when you go flying so that if you don't cancel it in time then the person you nominate will receive an email and/or text message to say that you're overdue.
  • Instrument approach procedure design worldwide, specialising in RNAV(GNSS) and 'Point in Space' approaches. Click 'IFP design' above for details.
  • Instrument approach plates for Cat A aircraft (UK and near Europe).
  • GPS training.

  • Auditing - (ops only, although we have surveyors we can call on for engineering audits if required).
  • Training and check data management, duty hours management and logbooks - click 'AOCMS' (AOC Management System) above for details.
  • Online tools for risk assessments, compliance monitoring, occurrence reporting and document control. Click the 'Sirocco' button for details.
  • We're also pleased to offer advice (which is generally free of charge) regarding instrument flying; please call 01403 888447 (office hours) or 0845 054 2531 (any time).


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