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gCAP Software is now running on our new domain at https://www.gcapsw.com

The plates are now run by Airbox Data Services at https://airboxplates.com

Please update your bookmarks now and start using the new domains as access via gcap.uk will stop soon.

In case of any issues, please contact Dave at dave@gcapsw.com

The new AOCMS is now LIVE!

Please click the AOCMS button to access and then bookmark the new site.

AOCMS login/registration etc is now on the new site.

URGENT: We suffered a server crash last night (11th) which corrupted the setup and took the server down. Fortunately, we take regular backups, so were able

to get our server hosting company to restore to a backup from yesterday at around 5pm. Apologies for the inconvenience, but any data entered after

that will need to be re-entered.

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  • Training and check data management, duty hours management and logbooks - click 'AOCMS' (AOC Management System) above for details.
  • Online tools for risk assessments, compliance monitoring, occurrence reporting and document control. Click the 'Sirocco' button for details.
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