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Instrument Flight Procedure Design


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Bond Aviation Services. Producing a draft design for a PinS procedure to a minor airfield in Scotland, plus creating VMC-only procedures for several UK air ambulance sites which enable pilots to stay current without costing the charities extra money due to wasted transit time to instrument airfields.

British Antarctic Survey. Designing approach and departure procedures for the main base at Rothera and for an ice runway at Sky Blue, not far from the south pole.

Private and corporate clients, including JCB and others who prefer to stay anonymous. Designing discrete procedures into private landing sites.

Producing training departure plates for Gloucester (Staverton) airfield.

8 Flight AAC. Providing expert advice regarding the feasibility of designing a PinS procedure into the base.

Civil Aviation Authority International. Projects include the assessment of IFPs for airports in the UK and abroad with regard to wind turbine development.

Osprey Consulting Services. Projects include assessment of IFPs for airports in the UK with regard to wind turbine development, reviews of existing procedures and production of new ones.

Liverpool airport: Reassessing the ILS RWY 09 following change of the LOC aerial, checking SIDs, updating procedures and doing the CAP777 and CAP785 reviews.

Highlands and Islands: Carrying out CAP777 and CAP785 reviews of their published and discrete procedures.

Development of RNAV IFPs to Wycombe, Sherburn, Denham, JFK, Mikonos, Yeovil, Staverton, Haverfordwest, Stapleford and others.

Bristow Helicopters. Production of Emergency Low Visibility Approaches to the UK SAR heliports.

Rega. Production of RNAV IFPs into hospital landing sites in Switzerland, in conjunction with the Air Navigation Institute.


We recommend Paul Fassam Geomatics and SLC Associates for the production of airfield and heliport CAP 232-compliant surveys.