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gCAP was incorporated in 2003 in response to industry demand for a style of instrument approach plate that was easy to read and interpret, was accurate and also always in date. Although our plates have now been taken over by Airbox, we now design the Instrument Flight Procedures themselves.

We are a UK CAA-approved design organisation and are authorised to carry out work on any type of instrument flight procedure.

Why you should come to gCAP for your IFP design requirements:

  • Our principal IFP designers are commercial pilots. We therefore know how a procedure will work in the cockpit rather than just on paper so although we follow the design requirements absolutely, we know how to get the best out of a procedure and how to handle those special cases which invariably crop up in a design, especially when dealing with slower aircraft.
  • Our other designers are highly experienced in IFP design and have created procedures for airports and airfields worldwide.
  • You will receive a very personal approach (as it were) and we, the designers, deal with you direct.
  • We charge only as much as we need to to turn a small profit; we're not interested in charging a fortune simply because we could.

Tasks we've undertaken to date include:

  • Approaches and departures to runways and strips as far away as Antarctica, including to ice runways.
  • Emergency low-visibility procedures for Search and Rescue helicopters.
  • Approaches and departures in the Swiss mountains for HEMS and SAR helicopters.
  • LNAV and SBAS approaches for several minor airfields in the UK.
  • Reviews and new procedures for major international airports.
  • RNAV coding of visual procedures for major airlines and international airports.
  • Assessments for international airports relating to wind farm developments.
  • Operational assessments for wind farm operators relating to helicopter let-downs.
  • RNAV training.
  • IFP flight validation.

All of our IFP design work goes through rigorous internal quality checking.

For a quotation or more information please contact the office; rough prices can be seen on the ‘prices’ page. Please note that these are guidelines only.


Registered in England, number 04889849.

Registered for VAT, number 904 4162 52.

Terms and conditions available on request.

Call +44 (0)1420 520200 and your call will be answered by Osprey Consulting Services Ltd, with whom we are working in partnership. Alternatively, email Jon Arden.