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Basic costs

An LNAV and APV procedure to one runway, including a holding pattern and three TAAs, usually start at about £12k + VAT for the design work and report writing. On top of this you need to account for a survey, CAA fees and flight validation, plus any costs relating to Airspace Change Proposals, risk assessments and mitigation for obstacle penetrating the Visual Segment Surface (if any).
More than one runway

Putting a procedure at each end of a single runway does not double the cost since much of the preparatory work will have been completed and there will probably be no need for a second hold. The cost of a second procedure to the same airfield, if done with the first, is usually about 80-85% of the cost of the first one.
5-yearly reviews

5-yearly reviews are relatively straightforward and can be done reasonably quickly, work permitting. The cost of these is slightly lower than for initial designs because most of the decisions have been made already, although if we weren't the company that did the original designs then we'll have to create them from scratch. Thus if you're coming to us for the first time then the cost of review will be somewhat less than an original design, and subsequent reviews will probably be cheaper because we'll already have the drawings.

10% is payable in advance of work commencing and then the remainder is payable on submission of the designs to the client. Errors discovered after submission are corrected free of charge, but any other work required after submission is charged for.

Please contact us for more information. We'll put your request into our spreadsheet and tell you what the expected cost will be.